FFXVI: Clive Rosfield – Paladin

FFXVI: Clive Rosfield – Paladin

As the protagonist of the story, Clive possesses a unique class that befits a main character. His combat style is centered around traditional swordplay, complemented by a touch of magical prowess bestowed upon him by the Phoenix’s blessing.

Given that the game only allows players to control Clive, there are various options available to make him a resilient character, capable of delivering powerful blows to stagger enemies, as well as utilizing spells that can restore his own HP, including a special ability known as the Limit Break.

In terms of Clive’s character progression, the Paladin class aligns with his narrative, as he serves as a valiant knight dedicated to safeguarding his younger brother Joshua, the rightful heir to the throne of Rosalia. However, given Clive’s unique ability to acquire the powers of the Eikons, it is evident that he embodies the essence of a Blue Mage, adept at mastering and utilizing these abilities to his advantage throughout the game.

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