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Final Fantasy XVI Cheats

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Apocalypse Greatsword:

  1. The Apocalypse boasts an impressive attack of 597 and increases HP by up to 403, making it the ultimate weapon. To acquire the Apocalypse greatsword, you must first complete the entire story campaign.
  2. Next, obtain the Dungeon Seal Key by finishing specific dungeons. Once you have the key, embark on the quest titled A Menace Sleeps in Balouve.
  3. With the quest active, head to the Balouve Mines dungeon, where you will encounter the boss you need to defeat.
  4. Be prepared, as the enemies here are level 75; if your level is lower, ensure you’re equipped with some legendary weapons. Near this area, you will discover a small gap in the wall containing the secret dungeon door.
  5. Enter the hidden passage and continue until you stumble upon the Apocalypse. It can be found on the floor at the first campsite, located five floors below your current position.
Quick Tips:

  • In the early game, stocking up on essential items like Potions and Elixirs is crucial.
  • Use Elixirs to restore your maximum HP after falling into a Danger state.
  • Take advantage of cover behind objects to regain HP and MP.
  • Warping (Triangle or Y) to an elevated position helps replenish your MP.
  • Utilize the Wait combat mode and press and hold R1 or RB to identify a target’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Remember to visit the Ascension menu and spend AP to learn new abilities for Noctis and his companions.
  • To cast magic spells, craft them using the Elemancy menu.
  • Enable the Stamina bar in the Options menu to monitor your running capacity.
  • Visit every diner and speak with the person behind the counter to add new locations to your map.
  • Engage with the diner manager to accept hunting quests for XP and gil rewards.
How to Get Infinite HP And MP:

  • Intentionally receive damage from foes.
  • Warp to a ‘Point Warp’ location.
  • While regenerating, execute a technique.
  • The Point Warp regeneration effect will persist even outside of combat.
  • Be aware that this glitch will cease if you restart the game, load a new game, or fast travel over long distances.
Infinite AP:

This trick enables you to acquire 1,000 AP every half an hour. To begin, make sure you possess the following items and activate the Armiger Action Ascension Node:

  • Armiger Accelerator: Obtainable through the paid Holiday Pack DLC.
  • Blitzer’s Fanfare: Included in the paid Holiday Pack DLC.
  • Shield Of The Just: Located in Thommel’s Glade, west of the Disc, within the Royal Tomb.
  • Warrior’s Fanfare: Provided as part of the complimentary Holiday Pack DLC.

Once you’ve acquired the necessary items and equipped the Ascension Node, follow these steps:

  1. Head to The Three Valleys and locate the area where a pack of dogs spawns.
  2. Use the Whistle Command to summon enemies.
  3. Wait for Battle Mode to activate, then employ Warp Strikes to eliminate the dogs.
  4. Right after defeating the dogs, trigger Armiger Accelerator to gain +1 AP. Make sure to activate it only after the battle ends, or you’ll deplete Armiger.
  5. With “Warrior’s Fanfare” and “Blitzer’s Fanfare” active, you’ll receive +3 AP for vanquishing foes with A+ Timing and Offense. This necessitates precise timing with Warp Strikes, so practice may be needed.
  6. As soon as the +AP number shows up, whistle to call another group of dogs. Failing to summon them immediately after defeating the previous pack will force you to wait until the report card is finished.
  7. Repeat these steps as often as you like to earn an infinite amount of AP.

Note: This exploit is functional after Patch 1.03. To ensure access to this exploit, either refrain from installing new patches prior to using it or remove the patches. To prevent automatic patch installation, disconnect from the internet until you’re prepared for the game to install new updates.

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