FFXVI: Benedikta Harman – Red Mage

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FFXVI: Benedikta Harman – Red Mage

It’s intriguing to note that the ever-chilly envoy from the Kingdom of Waloed isn’t the Dominant of Shiva, but instead of Garuda. When at Caer Norvent, on your quest for the Hooded Man, you face off against Benedikta.

In this battle, as well as several cinematic scenes where she ends lives, Benedikta wields a slender sword, reminiscent of a rapier but edged.

Given her military affiliation, it’s no wonder Benedikta is skilled with the sword. As the Dominant of Garuda, she seamlessly blends this prowess with her magic, launching assaults from afar. She can unleash the Aeroga spell, and as you’re ensnared in its turbulent gusts, she swiftly moves in with devastating strikes.

This potent mix of abilities unmistakably identifies her as a Red Mage.

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