Final Fantasy 16: Sleuths are piecing together its map

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Final Fantasy 16: Sleuths are piecing together its map

Fans of Final Fantasy 16 are diligently piecing together the game’s world using footage from trailers and teasers.

Thus far, we have been treated to three full trailers for Final Fantasy 16, as well as a collection of promotional artwork, screenshots, and a sneak peek at a map. Enthusiasts of the upcoming RPG have combined all this information in an effort to assemble a comprehensive representation of the game’s world as it will be presented in the final release.

Map of Valisthea with locations and map markers identified from the trailers
by u/AndSpaceY in FFXVI

While it is known that the world of Final Fantasy 16 is called Valisthea, a complete overview of the entire world in a single image has yet to be revealed. Nonetheless, fans have been able to create an in-game map using the known names and geography of a handful of kingdoms and regions within Valisthea.

Relying on the map from the costly Collector’s Edition of Final Fantasy 16, fans have identified the locations of several kingdoms, such as the Iron Kingdom, The Holy Empire of Sanbreque, The Grand Duchy of Rosaria, and others.

Moreover, several key locations have been determined using the map, including the formidable Drake’s Fang (which bears a resemblance to the climactic crater in Final Fantasy 7), Drake’s Spine, Drake’s Breath, the central Mothercrystal, and more.

The Mothercrystal is likely a crucial element in the entire plot of Final Fantasy 16, as multiple promotional trailers and artworks have shown the protagonists attempting to break free from the mysterious Crystals. This massive crystal is situated approximately in the center of the entire map.

With just six months left until the highly anticipated release of Final Fantasy 16 on June 22, 2023, fans eagerly await the chance to experience the latest installment in the iconic franchise for themselves.

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