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FFXVI: Cidolfus Telamon – Sword Saint

In the realm of Final Fantasy 16, one character stands out for his complexity and depth – Cid. Playing a pivotal role as a mentor to Clive, the game’s protagonist, Cid guides him on his path of vengeance, dispensing wisdom and insightful remarks that have quickly become fan favorites.

Cid, also known as the Dominant of Ramuh, is depicted as a formidable character. He wields not one, but two lengthy swords, an image that commands respect and incites fear. His attire further enhances his striking appearance, with an ensemble reminiscent of the iconic Witcher series, complete with rugged leather and steel. Interestingly, his unique combination of gear and abilities doesn’t align with any single class in the Final Fantasy universe, adding to his intrigue and mystique.

The character of Cid is a long-standing tradition in the Final Fantasy series. In each installment, a character named Cid makes an appearance, contributing to the narrative in some form or another. However, the creators of Final Fantasy 16 have taken a different approach. Cid in this version draws direct inspiration from the character Cidolfus Orlandeau from Final Fantasy Tactics. Orlandeau, also known as the Thunder God, is renowned for his extraordinary power and formidable abilities, setting a high bar for his namesake in Final Fantasy 16.

While Cid in Final Fantasy 16 doesn’t wield Holy magic like his namesake, he still embodies a similar spirit of strength and determination. Given his expert swordsmanship and valiant character, he can be rightly considered a Sword Saint in the context of the game. This title, synonymous with unrivaled skill and wisdom in combat, further accentuates his key role in the narrative and his influence on the game’s protagonist, Clive.

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